November 14, 2012

It seems as though pigs have finally flown.  “When Pigs Fly” is the name of the new flavor introduced by Sebastian Joe’s, debuting this week.  The catch?  The flavor centers around bacon–clearly not a kosher foodstuff.  However, the kosher observant and concerned community can rest assured:  just as there have been standards and measures in place to ensure the kashrut (kosher status) of the kosher flavors up until this point, the system will continue to be upheld and enforced.  Though the new (non-kosher) bacon flavor may sound more “non-kosher” than the rest–a non-kosher flavor is a non-kosher flavor, no matter what the prohibited ingredient, and the process is entirely isolated.  And at the end of the day, Sebastian Joe’s is still the best place to get ice cream in the Twin Cities.  This is true for kosher and non-kosher dessert lovers alike!  View the Sebastian Joe’s Profile on MSP Kosher »