Just Truffles

Just Truffles Just Truffles is the self-proclaimed single source for nothing but sumptuous, sensual pleasure. One truffle and a glass of port is the ultimate elite desert, the perfect way to indulge yourself — and your guests — without overindulging. One box is a gift that’s viscerally unforgettable.  Each hand-dipped truffle is the real thing (no preservatives and wax-free). Creamy, buttery chocolate … fantastic fruits … luscious liqueur extracts … every bite is a delight, a rare treat from the premium small kettle kitchen located on prestigious Grand Avenue.  These are the best Truffles in the country–and they’re kosher now too!


Visit website: http://www.justtruffles.com/

Contact Number: 651-690-0075

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Just Truffles is under the supervision of MSP Kosher at the following location:
1363 Grand Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55105 [Map]
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