Target Field – Kosher Hot Dog Stand

Target Field kicks off its sophomore season as the first sports arena in the Twin Cities to offer a Supervised Kosher Hot Dog Stand. Previously located at Sections 113/114, now moved to Section 129, the aptly titled “Kosher Dogs” grill table serves up the best “dogs” in the ballpark. The prices are comparable to the non-kosher hot dogs in the park, and other treats and drinks are available at the stand. As the Kosher Hot Dog Stand experiences success, more items will be added to the menu. Because the Kosher Hot Dog Stand is open on Shabbat and Yom Tov, and is not supervised on those days, it is kashered thereafter, before the next non-Shabbat/Yom Tov game. Please see the below calendar and teudah for more information.

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Contact Number: 612-659-3998 (Delaware North Sportservice)

Kosher Agreement (Haskamat Kashrut): View / Download

Kosher Standard Operating Procedure: View / Download

Supervision / Kashering Calendar: View / Download

The Kosher Hot Dog Stand is under the supervision of MSP Kosher at the following location:
Target Field
One Twins Way
Minneapolis, MN 55403 [Map]
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