Corn Roast

The Ribar family has run the Corn Roast stand for decades. The fair is really about more than tradition for them. Since 1985, Brad Ribar’s made a living selling roasted corn at the Minnesota State Fair. “Now the grandkids are starting to work for us, so it’s just fun. To be able to work with your family is even more special,” Ribar said. He wasn’t the first to take on the tradition. “My grandpa started here in 1919,” Ribar said. The Ribars have worked all aspects of the fair for generations, from sanitation, to grounds keeping, to corn. Their work is earning them special recognition as they near 100 years of food and fun.

Granted, many kosher fair-goers would be comfortable purchasing the roasted corn without certification, but MSP Kosher’s certification ensures that there are no additives or coatings to the corn, and that ONLY corn is roasted at this site and on this equipment. In addition, for those who opt for a richer ear of roasted corn, there is a butter dip. This certification ensures that the butter mixture also only includes certified kosher ingredients.

The 2018 Fair season is the debut season for the Corn Roast as certified kosher..

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Corn Roast is under the supervision of MSP Kosher at the Minnesota State Fair.

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